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One of the main attractions of Capitol Hill Stay (CHS) properties is the neighborhood itself. The success of the experience of staying in a furnished apartment in Washington DC depends, in part, on the choice of neighborhoods.

Capitol Hill Stay researched all major Washington-area neighborhoods before deciding that Capitol Hill (in particular, this close-in part of Capitol Hill) was the most ideal.

Our primary goal was to find a convenient area, with great security, but that also would provide the experience of being fully immersed in a terrific local DC neighborhood.

Capitol Hill is all that we were looking for - centrally located, with great metro and interstate access, security, charm, and all the daily amenities that make a temporary stay both memorable and convenient.






Below is a map of neighborhood amenities (restaurants, closest ATM, metro, etc.) Click on the "View Large Map" button on the upper far right corner on the Google Map below to see the full itemized list of amenities in a separate window.


The Capitol, National Mall and other federal facilities are great and certainly add amenities that are literally unique to this neighborhood, but the neighborhood itself is the true draw for many residents.

Capitol Hill is a charming historic area in the heart of the city, complete with shops, restaurants, and a lively art scene. Development dates back about 150 years. The residential homes are nearly all historically protected individual townhouses on small, tree-lined blocks. All of this is set in a European-style grid pattern, anchored by several very nice parks. The Capitol, of course, is next door. Along with its extensive grounds, nearby are the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and the National Mall, replete with many museums and great open spaces.

It’s an easily walkable neighborhood, with wide brick sidewalks and beautiful street scenes.

Despite being literally the geographic center of the city of Washington and the entire region, Capitol Hill has far fewer huge apartment buildings than other parts of town, so it has much more of a small-town feeling. It was also one of the first DC neighborhoods to actively pursue historic preservation, so the vast majority of the Hill retains its original character. In a town that is known for it's ever-changing population, many Capitol Hill residents move to the Hill and never leave.

'Close-in' Capitol Hill (the residential area closest to the Capitol) is the most established area of the Hill. As such, it is also generally the most expensive and most sought-after.

Washington, DC, is experiencing a renaissance the likes of which the city hasn't seen in decades. The city is literally changing by the day. Close-in Capitol Hill, always a desirable area, is now even more highly sought after. The average row house in this area of the Hill now sells for in excess of $800,000, with larger ones selling for well above $1,000,000, and the restaurant and shopping scenes are becoming more and more sophisticated.

All CHS properties are located in ‘close-in’ Capitol Hill, within five blocks of the US Capitol grounds.


Capitol Hill is the geographic center of the Washington, DC, area. It’s adjacent to the US Capitol, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Senate and House office buildings. It is literally the heart of DC (the four quadrants of the city all branch out from the US Capitol building itself).


Capitol Hill has excellent Metro (subway) service, with stops at Capitol South (orange and blue lines) and Union Station (red line) only 3 - 6 short north-south blocks away (five minute walk). It also has the best interstate access of any in-town neighborhood. Cab fare to nearly every part of town is less than $10.

Capital Bikeshare, an inexpensive region-wide bikesharing program, has a stop at 400 East Capitol St NE, within two blocks of CHS apartments.


Capitol Hill is home to dozens of good restaurants and lots of eclectic shopping. There are several main restaurant areas. Pennsylvania Ave SE and Massachusetts Ave NE are both 3 to 5 blocks from CHS apartments. Eastern Market, the world-famous farmers market, is four to eight blocks away. There are a dozen plus great new restaurants on Barracks Row, and historic restaurant row within easy walking distance. There here are many interesting retail shops all throughout the Hill. The art scene on the Hill is thriving.


All CHS properties fall within the ‘close-in’ residential area patrolled by the US Capitol Police and countless federal security agencies. There are many high profile politicians and other dignitaries in these few gentrified blocks, so security is extensive.

CHS properties have only had one minor crime incident since our founding 10 years ago. With more than 25 properties and hundreds of tenants that is an exceptional track record for a business located in a major urban area. Visitors to DC (and any major US city) should always take reasonable safety precautions, such as always locking doors, being aware of surroundings, etc. to help ensure their own security.

CHS chose properties in this location due to the warm, welcoming nature of the community and the sense of security and great amenities it provides.

Daily Living and Necessities

Eastern Market, the city’s oldest farmers market, is three to six blocks away. It’s open every day. It houses several butchers, a baker, fresh and organic produce vendors, etc. To really enjoy it, the weekend is the time to go. Capitol Hill Stay apartments are a ten-minute walk to this unique experience.

The 400 block of East Capitol Street (within two blocks of all CHS properties) has two excellent, well-stocked and price-competitive corner groceries, a dry cleaners (used to film scenes in the Robert De Niro film The Good Shepherd (with Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie), a legendary diner, a great used bookstore, and an excellent pharmacy.