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New Restaurant On The Hill

Capitol Hill Stay residents are lucky to be surrounded by world class restaurants, cheap eats, great pubs/bars, shopping, etc. Our furnished short-term properties are within walking distance to many of these great restaurants. Below is a bit of info on a new restaurant called Brick Lane Restaurant.


Its restaurant website describes Brick Lane as this: “A Moroccan entrepreneur meets a Mexican chef, and together, an idea is born: a bistro founded on three principles – kindness, quality, and community”. With two locations, one on Dupont Circle (Capitol Hill Stay does have a fully furnished apartment in this neighborhood) and the second one on Capitol Hill. All of our fully furnished properties are within walking distance to the restaurant.  They have a Brunch, Dinner, and Kids menu– restaurant hours are:



Monday – Thursday

3pm – 10pm


11am – 11pm


10am – 11pm


10am – 10pm