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2019 Cherry Blossoms in DC!

Cherry Blossom Peak bloom is forecasted to be between April 1-5.


Some helpful information to read if you’re planning on traveling to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival this year!

  • All of Capitol Hill Stay properties are within walking distance to the National Mall
  • Lots of Cherry Blossoms to see on your walk from Capitol Hill Stay properties to the National Mall!
  • Cherry Blossoms are forecasted to hit peak bloom between April 1-5 (around the same time as last year)
  • The Tidal Basin is the most popular area to see the Cherry Blossoms
  • Here are a couple of other places to see them: National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument
  • Some events going on during the Cherry Blossom Festival:
  •  We have this lovely featured 2700 square feet property right across Stanton Park:
    • Great if you’re traveling with family and pets!
    • One parking space directly behind the house
    • Dog friendly park directly across the street
    • Great restaurants within walking distance