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Union Station – transportation hub and great neighborhood resource


Union Station is only five blocks or so from our properties.  It’s a grand place.   Stunning architecture.     It’s a metro stop and an Amtrak hub.   Marc trains to and from the suburbs.   The DC Circulator transit bus stops here.    A lot of the tourist stuff originates here (double decker tour buses, monument tours, etc).

But it’s a lot more.   Very good restaurants, lots of shopping.    Makes a temporary lodging experience so much easier to have such a resource so close.

Fun fact:  the shields in front of the Roman legionnaire statues in the Union Station grand main hall were an addition to the design.    Originally the statues were supposed to be nude.

When we chose to start providing short term apartment rentals and furnished lodging in Washington DC 20 years ago proximity to Union Station was one of the reasons we chose Capitol Hill.