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Online Application

Please fill out our Secure Online Application. This online form is considered a safe and quick way to transmit personal information online. The information is maintained and accessible by Capitol Hill Stay only.

NOTE: For federal government and military personnel we can waive the rental credit check if you can provide evidence of your employment status and if you are here on official travel. The rental credit check is not like the in-depth credit checks you undergo to get a mortgage or even a credit card, since we aren’t extending credit to you. It should have a neglibible impact, if any, on your credit score.

The rental process with Capitol Hill Stay is very easy. It can all be done online, on pretty much any type of device (computer, laptop, tablet, or even most smartphones).

The application approval process takes a couple of hours, depending on when submitted. Once approved, a short two page rental agreement is sent to the email provided in the application.

There is no application fee.

There is usually no deposit required other than a credit card number.

The rental application can be sent back by the secure online forms found on this page, or it can be scanned/emailed or faxed back.

We can also send you the rental agreement electronically using the Adobe EchoSign online signature system, which can all be done online. You can use a computer, laptop, tablet, or even most smartphones to complete the rental agreement.

Capitol Hill Stay uses personal information in your application and rental agreement only for the purposes of determining rental suitability.

We do not share or sell any personal information.

An apartment is considered rented only when both the rental application and rental agreement have been received and approved by CHS. CHS cannot hold apartments open, and we typically cannot notify prospective tenants if there are other applicants for an apartment.

Print Application

If you prefer not to use our Secure Online Application then print, complete and return the application: