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Tenant Resources


First, thank you very much for having chosen Capitol Hill Stay. We are a local small business, and we appreciate your business very much.

There is very little that tenants need to do upon moveout.

Moveout time is no later than 10 am unless previously arranged in advance.

What is key to moveout is for Capitol Hill Stay to know actual moveout time as far in advance as possible. This allows us to stage our apartment prep and maid crews accordingly.

So please fill out the form below as soon as you can. It helps us coordinate successful movein for incoming tenants, and it helps us replace or repair items as needed.

In particular, please let us know if any light bulbs are out, and if so which lights they are and how many (overhead kitchen, living room lamp, etc).

There is no need to wash up linens or clean at departure. We have a professional laundry service that does that.

We have a professional maid service come through after each tenant, so any deep cleaning you do will just be duplicated by them, so there is no need to clean either.

However, please remove all personal trash items. Our maid service will not make a judgement call about what is trash and what isn’t, so they will leave everything they see. For instance, if they see a nearly empty bottle of shampoo in the shower they will leave it.

If you have leftover food items – opened perishable items must by DC law be thrown away. But unopened items can be left. We can either give them to the maid crew or find another good use for them.

If you would like to leave an optional tip for the maid crews (they are not Capitol Hill Stay employees), please leave a tip on the kitchen counter, preferably in an envelope marked “Tip for Maids” (”Consejo para damas”) in Spanish. Unfortunately we cannot tip them directly as the contract with the maid service company doesn’t have a provision for tipping individual crews.

Upon leaving simply leave any apartment keys, parking passes, or other items on the kitchen counter.

Please contact the US Postal Service well in advance of moveout to fill out a change of address form. The link is here Change of Address Form

A courtesy email to let us know you have departed is very helpful.

And, again, thank you for choosing Capitol Hill Stay.

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