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Bikesharing in Washington DC



If you find yourself walking or driving around Washington DC then you will instantly notice how much of a bike-friendly city DC is. We have about 80 miles of bike lanes on the District! Here are some bike sharing companies  that are popular in DC and very accessible from all of our furnished properties on Capitol Hill:


1: Capital Bikeshare always comes to mind when bike sharing is the topic. They have over 500 docking stations all over DC, making them super easy to find. All of our Capitol Hill Stay furnished properties are either just steps away or a couple of blocks from one of their docking stations! You can either rent a bike for just $2 for a trip under 30 minutes, or grab an all day pass for just $8. You can dock the bikes at any dock station.

2: Mobike is a dockless silver and orange bicycles that are just $1 for the first half hour. The company incentivizes safe bike riding by providing credits. This does mean that if you get a moving violation then your score will drop and rate might go up as well- so bike safely. You can find Mobikes all around Capitol Hill Stay furnished properties!

3: LimeBike  is app based and will help you locate available Lime bike or electric scooters. They are bright green, so they are impossible to miss. All bikes and scooters have QR codes that you can scan with your app to start the rental ($1 for 30 minute increments). I see scooters much more often than the bikes itself around our Capitol Hill Stay furnished properties.