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Where We Are

All Capitol Hill Stay apartments are located one to five blocks from the US Capitol. This is a highly desired location. It is a ten-minute walk to two metros, dozens of restaurants, shops, and amenities. Capitol Hill has become a highly sought-after ‘destination’ neighborhood.

Capitol Hill is of course internationally known because of the Capitol building and the National Mall. But it’s also a highly sought after neighborhood in its own right. It just so happens that it sits directly in the exact geographic center of the entire Washington DC region.

You are in the heart of the nation’s capital, with easy access to world-class restaurants and museums, in one of the most charming neighborhoods in any American city. Pennsylvania Avenue, Eastern Market, Barracks Row, H Street, are all within blocks of our properties.

This area is home to countless high-profile politicians and media and as such, the US Capitol Police and federal security presence is a unique added bonus. Thus, it’s an ideal location for short-term lodging in the Washington DC area.

Capitol Hill is a huge neighborhood, made up of many smaller neighborhoods. Generally speaking, the ‘close-in’ area between the Capitol and Eastern Market (where all Capitol Hill Stay properties are) is the most sought-after.

Is it more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.

We chose this neighborhood very carefully. You may find cheaper lodging in other neighborhoods or even in other parts of Capitol Hill (further from the Capitol), but the old adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true in Washington, DC.”


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