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Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing and Availability

Pricing- Pricing for our fully furnished Washington DC apartments can vary. A very short term housing stay may be more expensive per night than a considerably longer extended stay housing stay might be. Vacation rentals and furnished housing in popular areas in DC can be pretty expensive, but we have furnished apartments in different budgets, so if you don’t see something that works just let us know

Prices quoted are good at the time of quotation. However, if there is a significant delay between the time a price quote is given and the time the applicant decides to put in an application then the price may change, based on availability, other applications received, etc..

Availability- Capitol Hill Stay typically rents apartments from the date the apartment is available. However, in certain circumstances (particularly for longer term tenants) we may rent an apartment starting later than the listed available date. Please feel free to inquire for details.


Per Diem Tenants

CHS provides furnished lodging for many per diem lodging guests. If you have per diem questions, please let us know. Depending on your circumstance we should be able to set up a lease arrangement that allows you to fully utilize your per diem, even a sliding scale per diem. It may also allow for extras, like gym membership, maid service, car-sharing service, etc.


Private Parking vs Street Parking

Private Parking- Capitol Hill is a very walkable neighborhood, This is part of the reason it makes for such great short-term or extended stay furnished lodging, and most things that the average CHS guest may need (daily groceries, cleaners, restaurants, Metro, etc.) are within easy walking distance. The vast majority of CHS guests do not bring cars. Generally, parking is difficult anywhere you may try to go in the city, so having a car isn’t really that useful.

CHS does have a total of 5 off-street spaces (one is a garage). They are rented on a first-come basis. Cost is approximately $300 a month.  Union Station parking garage also has daily and monthly parking.

Street Parking- There is a program in DC that allows temporary or part-time to obtain a street parking pass for up to a full year (cost is minimal). This allows unlimited street parking on all of Capitol Hill and does not require you to register your vehicle in DC. Active duty military and certain types of students or those working certain jobs on Capitol Hill can get free street parking.  See the link here (scroll down the page for the relevant section)  DC Street Parking Program

Anyone can park on the street all night every night, all weekend, and two hours each weekday.  This works well for people that take their vehicle to work.


Public Transportation

Metro in DC is reliable, clean, goes pretty much everywhere you’d want to go, and is only about five blocks away. Other transit options include bus service and the DC Circulator.

The DC Circulator is a shuttle service that runs from Union Station, stops within blocks of CHS apartments, then proceeds with limited stops to Eastern Market Metro, the Navy Yardshort-termand Nationals Stadium area, then back up to Union Station. It is essentially an express bus service.


Why Choose Us?

Capitol Hill Stay is a local veteran-owned small business, owned and operated by Capitol Hill residents. We provide an excellent service at a reasonable price (often thousands a month less than national corporate housing providers charge). We do this professionally, as a full-time job. We live on the Hill, within blocks of the Capitol Hill Stay apartments. When you contact us you deal directly with the owners. We’ve been in business since 1998.

Did we mention that there are no application fees or cash deposit required (instead we take a credit card number, like a hotel does).


If You Leave Early

If your plans change and you leave early we will list your apartment as available on the CHS website. If we are able to rent it to third parties for the time period originally covered under your rental agreement we will credit you back rents received from other parties, minus any additional costs to us (like additional apartment cleanings, management fees required to show apartment additionally, etc.). There is no guarantee we will rent the apartment for any or all of the dates covered under your lease, and you are responsible for any rent until such rentals to third parties may occur.

We can’t guarantee we can rent the apartment for you, especially if given very short notice. However, we do have a pretty high rental occupancy rate, and most times in the past when we’ve had tenants that had to leave early we have been able to rent at least a significant portion of the time period for them.


What’s Included in Apartments

  • All utilities
  • Cable or satellite television with HBO and Showtime packages, Plus Digital Video Recorder (like TiVo)
  • High speed internet (usually DSL and encrypted Wifi)
  • Sheets, blankets, pillows, towels
  • Alarm clock
  • Iron and ironing board
  • W/D in all apartments (except for 1822 15th Street NW)
  • Kitchen pots and pans, dishes, silverware, etc.


Grocery Options

There are several very good corner stores within a couple of blocks of each Capitol Hill Stay apartment. These are very well stocked, and price competitive with large supermarkets.

Eastern Market, a ten-minute walk from Capitol Hill Stay apartments, is a fantastic traditional farmers and fresh food market that has been in continuous operation for the past 140 years. It’s got great fresh produce, several top-notch butchers, a baker, etc.

There is a new Giant Supermarket and a new Whole Foods, at 3rd and H Street NE (a ten-minute walk).

There is also a new Harris Teeter on the Hill.

Finally, many Hill residents use Peapod for home grocery delivery. The parent company is Giant grocery. You can set a specific delivery window and if not satisfied with the selections you have an option of refusing them.


Closest Gym

Results The Gym is a world-class workout facility, within a ten to fifteen-minute walk of Capitol Hill Stay apartments. Washington Sports Club also has a nice facility, a bit closer. There’s also a very nice public pool at Eastern Market (five blocks from Capitol Hill Stay apartments). Several local historic churches hold yoga and other fitness classes.



Capitol Hill Stay looked at all Washington neighborhoods before choosing to open in this part of Capitol Hill. The area between the Capitol and Eastern Market (where all Capitol Hill Stay properties) is highly established and heavily patrolled by various federal police and security agencies. CHS properties have only had one minor crime incident since our founding 10 years ago. With more than 25 properties and hundreds of tenants that is an exceptional track record for a business located in a major urban area. Visitors to DC (and any major US city) should always take reasonable safety precautions, such as always locking doors, being aware of surroundings, etc. to help ensure their own security. Washington DC is still a major East Coast city, so we urge caution no matter where you are, but the Capitol Hill Stay owners would feel perfectly comfortable allowing our own mothers to stay in any of our properties. In fact, they have stayed in several of them…


Welcome Letter

Capitol Hill Stay provides a Welcome Letter for each tenant. This letter has useful apartment information (like phone number, WIFI instructions) and detailed information on neighborhood amenities (directions to metro and closest ATM, restaurant recommendations, etc.)


CHS Referral Program

Capitol Hill Stay does not have the unlimited advertising budget that some of our large corporate housing competitors have. Many also rely on large companies that refer potential tenants to housing providers.

Since we don’t have an unlimited budget for that, as a ‘thank you’ to our existing and previous tenants we have a referral program for referrals of coworkers, friends, etc., that result in a rental of a CHS apartment. We do ask that CHS be notified in advance that it is a referral. The amount ranges from $300 to $500 but can be more, depending on circumstances of the rental. A donation to your favorite charity can be made in lieu of cash if preferred.